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Most Important letter.from the customers. We all love your game.

But? All of the hardcore lvl 45 high paying customers which are thousands on server: Dawnwatch, are thinking about quiting due to the fact that when pets were added? Everything became skimpy, almost impossible. Not enough fatigue an people running dungeons, don't get anything they need.

A tip? Add pet store for pet stuff, and chances of trying to get pets in pet lottery? My mage partner Epiclight spent 3000 gems an got nothing. Like dungeons?

Are not fair. Way too hard. And getting what your class needs is 1 in a 100 to a 1000 chance, I'm just requesting before 1|4 of the people that pays alot. Quits.

I know them all. Not saying to make it easy? But make it just fair for customers. P.s.

Slayin. I'm top 5 in PvP 2 months ago. Im nasty. And I tell u?

I'm stuck at 5659 GS and alot of might of 1673 from my heritage, The dungeon bosses are waaayyy overpowered. Dungeons that are for 4200 GS or whatever are more harder than Ninja Gaiden on master ninja, with 3 average good players. In Decay mansion? 2nd boss is waaayyy too hard.

An then when we get done? Nothing. But for maybe for a monk maybe. Jeeezz.

GL? I'm trying to make u money. And make most trades for items possible. Like oc 1.

Im CEO of a jewelry company. If u fix this?

I'ma drop $10,000 in my character. So fix the game.

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It's really hard. Just to get that shoulderpiece to craft.

IIt's not good. It's horrible. People are feeling that there *** to waste all that money on your game? And feel like they came out of a casino with a hole in there wallet.

When they can pay once. To play ps4 elders scrolls online. For free. Unskimpy.

Graphics crazy. Example Oac2 complaint: If ur a warrior? U only receive warrior stuff.

It's not fair and people are getting upset and wanting toquit. By throwing money out the window an get nothing back.

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